Founder’s Thoughts

Three Pillars of a Successful Society

As time goes on, and projects come and go, the realization that every second we spend working on something needs to add value in some way, or else we’re wasting our time and not serving society effectively. With this view, I have developed a a framework to work within to […]

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Custom Order Management

We were approached by a medium sized South African company to create an order management system that matched their specific requirements. Current offerings in the market were too costly and did not meet the basic requirements of the client. We were tasked to build a platform that could: Manage Incoming […]

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Accessible Lower Income Healthcare Funding

Disclaimer: This project was done in conjunction with an incredibly skilled and generous open source team. In South Africa public health care is sub-optimal and patients often lack the basic care that they need, especially in the lower middle and lower class. This project is a fully automated system that […]

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