March 12, 2018

Three Pillars of a Successful Society

As time goes on, and projects come and go, the realization that every second we spend working on something needs to add value in some way, or else we’re wasting our time and not serving society effectively.

With this view, I have developed a a framework to work within to make sure that every project going forward is in line with what will add value to society – there are three areas that I believe will yield the most impact on the global society, and where we should all be spending our time and resources.

  • Education
  • Transport
  • Healthcare

Those three areas are where, in my opinion, the focus of all new startups/projects/ventures needs to be. I’ll break each one down to give some reasoning for each:


An effectively educated society will yield an even better society because you’ll have a compounding effect. The more effectively educated the society, the more effectively educated they will become, and the more relevant the work that these educated people will do. Education is definitely not school and absolutely not university, but should rather be a process of exposing young children to many different arenas that can be used to contribute to society (coding, design, physical construction, teaching, medicine, etc.) and then helping them in figuring out which one they are most gifted in. Once that is determined, the child should be fostered along that path in a practical, relevant way so that they can apply their skills within their area of interest and gifting. This way they will enjoy what they do and add value to society in a productive way.


One of the biggest physical barriers to progress in this world is transportation.

In my view, roads should only be used to transport goods from places of production/distribution to where they are used or sold. So, roads should only have trucks and courier type vehicles on them.

Humans needing to get around should have another method of transport available to them, which could take them to within 1 mile (12 minute walk) of where they need to be. A system of this nature doesn’t exist at the moment, but there are many options currently being explored, and is definitely something that will be explored by us in the future.

Removing human transportation from the roads will free up traffic, reduce road deaths and create a generally more efficient society. For more on this topic, watch this talk featuring Edward Humes Here. There will also be more blog posts on this topic in the future.


This is already being addressed by us, with, a project which we hope will enable basic healthcare provision in order to avoid more serious illnesses down the road. The main belief here is that prevention is far better than trying to cure something more serious down the road, which is the antithesis of a hospital plan.

Of course, it goes without saying that a healthy society is a productive society.

So with these three pillars as our focus from now on – we hope to use the skills we have to move forward in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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