January 8, 2018

Custom Order Management

We were approached by a medium sized South African company to create an order management system that matched their specific requirements. Current offerings in the market were too costly and did not meet the basic requirements of the client.

We were tasked to build a platform that could:

  • Manage Incoming orders.
  • Update the status of each order as it passes through the system.
  • Program the ability to customize the order statuses in the event of a business process change.
  • Have a profile for each customer, with their unique information (discounts, special conditions, etc).
  • Track inventory and products specific to the company.
  • Be synced across all platforms (web, iOS, Android and Windows).
  • Have a simple and effective interface.


We developed an application using the Ionic platform, which allows one to develop one code-base that can be deployed on all platforms – web and mobile – simultaneously.

With the application we developed, the user can:

  • Manually input orders (on any device).
  • Automatically log orders from a form on their website if they choose.
  • Update the order as it moves along the pipeline.
  • Keep customer profiles with their unique information and order history.
  • Track inventory and stock levels.

Image: The application, as shown across all three platforms.

Further Opportunities:

This application was designed in such a way that would allow the client to sell it as it’s own product to other companies that have similar needs in any location around the world. Everything is fully customisable, so each user can adjust the app to suit their own business and their order fulfillment process.

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