Purist Industries

Creating a more efficient world through digital solutions.

Our Mission

We’re driven to use today’s technology to make society more efficient, effective and productive.

We want to do the same for you.

Mobile Applications

iOS and Android Applications spanning multiple industries and use-cases.

Purist Health

Book doctors, ask questions & keep your medical history.

Shopping App

Fully mobile eCommerce shopping application.


Program, track and share your workouts.


Fostering real life social connections and collaboration.

Enterprise Software

Helping businesses grow and run a much more efficient operation.

SpAn Order Management

A full back and front end ERP system and order tracking.


List and discover and enquire about commercial properties.

Automatic Dropbox Back-Up

A service that passively backs up your files to dropbox, even if you’re offline.

Instagram API

Integration with Instagram to upload images on a schedule and/or in bulk.

Artificial Intelligence & IoT

Harnessing the power of computing to do tasks that humans are incapable of doing.


Passive monitoring of stock levels with low-stock level notifications.

Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Mining Twitter data and using machine learning to determine how the population is feeling.

Station Zero: A Better City

Using many data-points to determine the best places to intervene in Johannesburg to make the most impact.

Traffic Analysis and Prediction

Passive logging of traffic incidents to understand the best methods of traffic prevention in Johannesburg.

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Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.


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