Dear Client,

As a valued customer of ours, we at Purist Industries would like to inform you of some exciting news! After some lengthy negotiation, Purist Coffee has recently been acquired by the wonderful team at Meloso Coffee. Please continue reading this blog post for more information regarding this exciting announcement and how it effects you as a customer.

Who is Meloso Coffee?

Established in 2015, Meloso Coffee (a subsidiary of M. Holdings (Pty) Ltd), is a black-owned coffee company run by John Mokobodi, who has been in the coffee industry for over 12 years and has supplied coffee to some of the biggest consumers in South Africa as both a supplier and consultant. John has been Purist Coffee’s green coffee importer since the inception of our business and has personal relationships with coffee producers and farmers all around the world. Meloso Coffee currently meets the needs of multiple large organisations such as The University of Johannesburg, Hollard Insurance, Landbank and TS Afrika. Visit for more information.

What does this mean for you?

In short – the change has little effect on you as a valued client. Fundamentally, the only changes are the name above the door and the address from who you are ordering. As an interesting fact, Meloso Coffee has been responsible for the outsourced roasting and blending of our very own Purist Coffees for the past 6 months – so it is likely you’ve already sampled much of Meloso’s handiwork. Because of this, it is important to know that your coffee quality, flavour and price will not change at all – and will even carry the same names that you’ve come to know and love (The Meloso Coffee Mínimo, Estándar, Tanzania and Columbia blends). Over the next few weeks , our black Purist Bags will slowly start to be replaced by fresh and new Meloso Branding.

What about my machines?

Meloso Coffee will be able to assist you in servicing and repairing your machines should you need it. They are also able to supply you with the cleaning products and consumables you are used to and require to get the best out of your coffee experience.

In conclusion.

Having worked with Meloso Coffee and John over the last few years – we at Purist Industries are confident of their ability to provide you the same high quality service and coffee that you’ve been accustomed to. Meloso Coffee is a brand set to make waves in the industry and John’s passion for coffee will undoubtedly relay into value for you and your business in the future.

John will be in touch with each of you in the near future, but in the interim, if you would like to place your order with him, please use the details below:


Phone: 076 354 7339

Should you need to get hold of the Purist Coffee team, please use the details below:

Phone: 087 822 1102


We at Purist Industries would like to take a moment to thank you for the support you have continued to show our business for some time. As many might know, we are a business invested in multiple disciplines and we know this is not the last you will be hearing from us. We look forward to engaging with you in the future and wish you the very best in your business endeavours.

Best Regards,

The Purist Coffee Team